A gearbox is one of the most crucial parts of a vehicle. It lets you comfortably drive at various speeds and lets you have the performance you want.

Because of such a crucial purpose, your gearbox is likely to suffer from wear and tear and compromise the overall performance of your vehicle. In extreme conditions, it can also lead to severe accidents. These reasons make it extremely important to have a timely checkup of your car’s gearbox with an expert so that he can assess the need for a gearbox overhaul.


Gearbox Overhaul:

Gearbox overhaul is a specialized process in which an expert completely dismantles your car’s gearbox, runs different sorts of procedures on it, and then closes it back in its optimum condition. It also involves the replacement of any malfunctioning parts with new gearbox spare parts to ensure quality performance.


How does it Work?


Physical Examination:

As an expert dismantles your gearbox, he checks each and every part of it for physical wear and tears. He will look for any unusual thing that a naked eye can catch such as residue, debris, dents, rust, or corrosion.


Specialized Procedures:

After physical examination, the expert will run specialized procedures on you’re parts to further ensure that they are in good condition.

He might use liquids or blow air to detect any minor cracks.



After detecting the faults, the expert will begin repairing the parts. For physical damages, he will make physical adjustments like adding extra matter or clearing out uneven surfaces.

He will remove dents and rust and will remove corrosion.



For those parts that cannot be repaired or are in a condition that they better not be used further, the expert will recommend replacing them with a gearbox spare part.

Replacing ensures that your gearbox will work in perfect condition and will not cause any problems later on. For this, the expert will prepare a list and will inform you before going ahead with it.

You can ask him to get the spare parts for you or use them if he has them available with him or you can also get the spare parts yourself. Whatever you chose to do, always keep in mind that you get a warranty or at least a guarantee of your spare parts. Also, ensure that you verify that your spare parts are not a replica and are coming from the company you purchased them from.

If you do not approve of it, the expert will not move ahead with it and leave it the way you want it but at your own risk.



After repair and replacement, the expert will clean each and every part that goes into your gearbox so that no residue goes in with it.

For this, he can use a number of things depending on the requirement. For example, he will use a non-polar solvent to remove any oil or grease. The procedure can be as technical as anodizing or as simple as wiping off using a piece of cloth, whatever suits them best.



After all the parts are cleaned, the expert will send those parts for painting that need it. Painting does not only enhance the look, but it also helps to keep the parts clean.

A smooth surface is also easier to clean in the future and also acts as an extra protective layer against wear and tear, leakage, and especially corrosion.



In the end, the expert will pack your gearbox back into one piece. He will fit back everything that he took out and make sure that everything sits perfectly together.

He will also use new nuts and bolts for fixing so that there is no knocking inside and nothing goes out of place.

After closing, he will fix your gearbox back inside your car and will make it ready to use by topping up with cooling and lubrication fluid along with other requirements.

Once done, you will be able to enjoy your car just as new.

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