Gearbox Overhaul

Car Gearbox Overhaul is the specialized service that we provide in addition to gearbox repairing and reconditioning. Like all our other procedures, our experts pay special attention while performing overhaul to increase your gearbox’s life, durability, performance, and reliability before it destroys your driving experience.

Our overhaul services consist of multiple steps, including:

  1. Disassembling:

First of all, our experts will disassemble your car’s gearbox completely. They will take out even the last screw and bolt from your gearbox. Each part of your gearbox will then be examined before we proceed to overhaul.

  1. Cleaning:

In the next step, our team experts will clean every part of your gearbox. They will use specialized techniques to safely clean all the parts of any dust and grease using a wire brush.

  1. Examination:

To begin with overhaul, our team will examine every part of your gearbox using modern procedures and equipment. The examination for gearbox overhaul will begin with physically measuring all the parts to see if the gearbox fits together perfectly. If not, our team might suggest alteration or replacement of misfit parts, depending on the gravity of the situation. Furthermore, our team will carefully inspect the housings and casings to see if there are any cracks in there. Our team is skilled to find even those cracks that are not visible to the naked eye or spot the points that can potentially result in a crack. Moreover, our team will check the shafts and gearings of your gearbox in the procedure of overhaul to see if they are reusable or if they need to be replaced. After the examination, we will move on to the next step.

  1. Report:

While performing overhaul, our team will prepare a detailed report of the condition of your gearbox, mentioning the status of every part. Our team will suggest suitable changes to you in the report. The report will include all the parts required for overhaul, all the procedures required to make parts reusable, and all the labor that will go into the specialized procedure. Before we proceed towards overhaul, our team will seek your approval on the report. After your approval, we will begin with your overhaul.

  1. Gearbox Overhaul:

After your approval for your overhaul, our expert team will start working its magic to make your gearbox as good as new.

The procedure will include:

  • Fixing the measurements of all the misfit parts
  • Arrangement and installation of required parts
  • Reengineering of the existing parts for better performance
  • New and strong fixing of the parts will be made
  • Old and rusty screws and bolts will be removed
  • All the parts will be painted with an anti-rust coat to prevent rusting
  • All the parts will be painted for a fresher and cleaner surface
  • Assembling of the gearbox
  1. Testing:

After overhaul, our professionals will rigorously test your car for any issues related to the gearbox. If there is any problem, our team will immediately fix it before delivering it to you. We will make sure that we deliver you exactly what we promised, a durable, reliable, and better performing car.

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