Your Gearbox Must Be In The Best Condition

The engine can produce any amount of power but that will be useless to you unless it is transmitted to the driving wheels. Only then will the car be able to move. This is done efficiently by the gearbox. The gearbox is not a necessity for transmitting power, but it is kept there so that the power of the engine can be used efficiently. Your roads are not level and you will need different driving powers on different roads. This work is done very well by the gearbox. This is why it is a very crucial part of your car. Of course, modern cars are made in such a way that you cannot drive them if the gearbox doesn’t function properly. It is crucial to keep the gearbox in perfect condition.

Gearbox That You Can Encounter Commonly

  1. Poor acceleration or slow throttle response

One of the common problems that people encounter is a delay in acceleration after you have shifted the gear. Manual transmission vehicles should not normally have a delay of more than a second. In auto transmission cars, the delay can be more. If you are facing more delays and a rise in RPM without a change in speed, then the problem can be serious and you will need to get the vehicle inspected by a gearbox repair specialist.

The problem occurs when the clutch doesn’t engage or disengage fully. This means that the clutch is still active even after the gear shift is complete. This means that the power is not completed transmitted to the wheels. The cause of this could be worn-out clutch plates, springs, or the master cylinder. This can occur even if there is air in the fluid channel. If the problem is air, you can solve the problem by letting out the fluid from the particular channel. If the issue happens due to worn out parts, you will have to replace them. The gearbox specialist can check and tell you which part has to be replaced.

  1. Fluid spills under the car

Like all systems with moving parts, the car gearbox also needs fluid to lubricate the parts and keep them cool. Moving parts develop heat and have to be diffused. This is done by the fluid inside the gearbox. At times you can notice red-colored fluid spills under your car when you take the car out after parking for some time. Your gearbox specialist in Malaysia will tell you that the transmission fluid is leaking.

When you explain the matter, the gearbox repair specialists will confirm that the gearbox must be checked to see where the leak is happening. Unlike engine oil, the transmission fluid is not lost in evaporation. It must be in full capacity at all times. Any reduction in the amount of fluid can result in serious damage to your gearbox parts as they will get heated up to a very high level. One of the most common reasons for the leak is a damaged pan or broken oil seals. If the leak is noticed early, then you need to only change the parts. If it has been happening for long and the fluid level is very low, then you must check the parts of the transmission for damage.

  1. Car vibrating with grinding noise during gear shifting

If you observe the car vibrating with a grinding noise when you shift gears, then you must take the car to the auto gearbox specialist and get it checked.

This happens when the clutch plates or clutch synchronizers are worn out. The expert for gearbox repair in Malaysia will change the parts and see that your car is running smoothly and there is no noise or vibration when changing gears.

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  1. Unpleasant Smell:

While driving your car, if you sense an unpleasant odor, more like a burning smell, it could indicate a problem with your gearbox. In this case, you should immediately get your gearbox repair near mefrom a gearbox specialist.

To be sure that your gearbox is causing the bad smell, notice if you are experiencing any problem with shifting gears. If it is your gearbox, you will notice improper gear shifting.

Now that you are sure of your problem, you should immediately turn to a gearbox specialist near me to get your gearbox repair near me.

This problem can be caused by your transmission fluid, which is a fluid used to keep your vehicle cooled down when you drive it.

In most cases, when the transmission fluid drops, the gearbox operates with more friction, causing overheating. The overheating then burns the fluid, causing the burning smell and damaging your vehicle.

In this case, you should immediately go for a gearbox repairing.

Another reason for this problem can be the use of inappropriate cooling fluid.

Choosing the right kind of cooling fluid for your gearbox is a technical task and requires an expert opinion.

It would be best if you took recommendations from a gearbox specialist near me who is well-versed with auto gearbox repair and gearbox service. He will definitely recommend you the best suit for your vehicle.

  1. Problem in Gear Shifting:

If you face a problem with gear shifting, such that your car is stuck in gear and you cannot change it no matter how hard you try, it can indicate a problem with your gearbox.

In a manual transmission, the car will not shift gears no matter how hard you push and pull the stick.

Similarly, in the case of an automatic transmission, your car will not change gears no matter how much throttle you give.

This problem requires a visit to a gearbox specialist near me for an auto gearbox repair and gearbox service.

When you go for a gearbox repair near me for an auto gearbox repair and gearbox service from a gearbox specialist, he will examine your clutch in case of a manual transmission, as clutch and gearbox work closely together.

Similarly, for your automatic transmission, a gearbox specialistwill examine your car’s electronic systems when you will pay him a visit for gearbox repair.

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