Auto Transmission Repair – Address Your Transmission Problems

The auto transmission in your car is one of the most important systems. That is what makes the car move. The auto transmission is a very efficient system, but most people may not notice the existence of this because it does everything automatically. Once you have engaged the driving gear, you just drive without a care about the shifting gears inside the system. With manual gear, you will be struggling to change gears when the traffic is erratic. The auto transmission is a boon for city driving. But the system is continuously working when you drive and any working system suffers from wear and tear. This is what results in their malfunctioning. This can happen to your automatic transmission and you must get it repaired quickly.

How do you know that your auto transmission has a problem? The best person to find out if there is anything different is you. You are the one driving the vehicle and if there is any change in the way it functions, you will immediately be able to know that something is amiss. At the first sign itself, it is better to take the vehicle to an auto transmission repair specialist so that the problem is solved before it worsens. Certain symptoms manifest when there is trouble with the system. That is the time to take the car to the workshop.


Slipping Transmission: While your car is driving on a particular gear if it suddenly shifts to another gear automatically. You will also hear a whining noise when you are driving. This could be because your transmission fluid level is not sufficient or when it has not been changed for a long time. You must get the system checked before the problem worsens and more damage happens

Delay In Gear Engaging: Do you feel a slight delay in the gears to engage after you have changed to drive mode? This could be due to a problem with your transmission. This happens when your transmission fluid leaks. The parts can get overheated when there is insufficient fluid in the system. The other parts of the transmission can also get damaged because of this. Get your car checked by an auto gearbox specialist.

Burning Smell: If you are getting a burning smell when you are driving, then it probably is coming from the transmission system. This also happens when your fluid is leaked and there is too much friction between the moving parts. It is essential to get this checked quickly before there is more damage to the system. You can check the fluid level yourself to confirm that the smell is from the auto transmission.

Leaking Of Fluid: If you see red-colored oil leaking from your vehicle you can be sure that your transmission fluid is leaking. You can check for the leak when you pull out from the parking lot after keeping the vehicle for some duration. The leak could be happening from a seal, gasket, or the cooler line. This is a situation that could turn very bad in a short time. You must get the leak checked and repaired immediately.

Humming Noise: If you hear abnormal noises when driving, then it is best to get it checked. The sound could be due to damaged gears or a faulty bearing. This could also happen if the transmission fluid level is low.

If you face any of these problems you can visit Summer Auto Transmission who are experts in auto transmission repair in Malaysia. We will rectify the problem immediately.

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