Are you exhausted from expensive car maintenance payments?

Then don’t ignore those subtle signs that your car is having trouble. The gearbox is one of your vehicle’s most expensive components, so you don’t want it to malfunction. Since problems with your gearbox can be catastrophic, it’s essential to keep an eye on it. According to your gearbox specialist Malaysia here are the critical signals that something is not quite right in your gearbox’s environment:

Gearbox specialist Malaysia – Fluid leakage:

This is maybe the simplest and easiest symptom of “gearbox needs repair” to recognize. Your auto transmission specialist finds the issue by putting a few old pieces of paper or cardboard under the vehicle to inspect for leaks. The telltale red color of transmission fluid, which also has a distinctly sweet smell, is what he looks for. Transmission fluid quantities, unlike motor oil, should remain stable, so any signs of this fluid under the vehicle suggest a leak.

Dashboard Lights Alert:

The dashboard’s engine lights turn on for a reason. Keep an eye out for the transmission temperature signal, which indicates that the fluid in your transmission is running hot. Test the coolant and transmission temperatures to make sure it is in working order. Although this light does not indicate a transmission problem and may even be outside the gearbox, a licensed auto transmission specialist should check out any possible issue.

Odors and Smells:

Light odors and burning odors in your vehicle that leave a sweet and tart scent can mean that it is time to change the transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid has a burning taste, it may be an indication that your gearbox is approaching the end of its life. If the fluid is not lubricating the system properly, it is time to replace it to protect the machine from overheating. To stop severe injury and damages, get it checked out by an auto transmission specialist as soon as possible.

Audible Noises:

However, if the car makes grinding or clanking sounds as it shifts into reverse, it’s a positive sign that there are bits in the clutch and loose gears. The louder the vibrations, the looser the pieces get, and the higher the risk of injury. If you encounter a sudden and jarring grinding sound while changing gears, the clutch has likely worn out, or the synchronizers have been harmed. Whistling and grinding sounds mean that the bearings in your gearbox are wearing out and that you will need to repair it from a reputable gear specialist, Malaysia.

Unusual Behavior:

You are familiar with the vehicle and how it does. Delay in gearbox engagement is a symptom that you cannot underestimate. You have a shifting problem if the gear changes for no apparent reason, such as when you’re driving down the highway, and your manual gearbox shifts into new equipment, or your automatic gearbox slip into neutral. A whining or corresponding pitch change from the engine is another telltale indication to hold an ear out for.


Even for well-trained mechanics, identifying issues with your car is not always easy. Remember that if anything doesn’t feel quite right, you have to take your vehicle to a mechanic right away rather than waiting before it becomes a costly concern. Any warning that the car’s gears are not running correctly is excuse enough to visit the gearbox specialist Malaysia. Get your vehicle checked out from Summer Auto Transmission, Malaysia, before it sustains any damage or you discover what it’s like to experience a breakdown on the open road.

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