The automatic transmission has made driving a lot easier and convenient. Inventing this type of technology took hard work of years but what if we tell you that an auto transmission gearbox is as dangerous as a ticking time bomb?

Unlike a manual transmission gearbox, an automatic gearbox involves clutch and breaks in addition to gears, that all work together to make your gear transmission easy. But if your gearbox malfunctions, it will not only cause a problem with your gears but also with your brakes and clutch, potentially resulting in a deadly accident.

But don’t worry as we will be sharing some most common issues and their most obvious indications so that you can know when to go for an auto transmission repair or a reconditioned gearbox.


Most Common Problems:


1. Fluid Wear Out:

Your automatic gearbox uses a transmission fluid inside it to keep all the parts well lubricated so that the transmission is smooth. But this fluid wears out over time and causes friction inside the gearbox, resulting and wear and tear and eventual malfunctioning.

You need regular checkups with an auto transmission repair expert so that he can top up the levels of fluid and prevent and wear and tear.

A common indicator that it is time for you to visit an expert is that your car will start making unusual noises especially during gear shifting, indicating the friction inside.


2. Fluid Burning:

If you continue to drive your car when it is short on transmission fluid, the wear and tear caused by it can lead to breakage of some parts and cause fluid leakage. The fluid also performs the function of keeping the gearbox cool and absorbing its heat.

But in its absence, your car will produce extra heat that will start burning the liquid causing an unpleasant smell, which can be noted down as the indicator of this problem.

If you do not immediately go to an expert for repair, chances are that your gearbox will expire and you will have to replace it with a new one or a reconditioned gearbox.


3. Clutch and Brakes Disorientation:

A very common problem with automatic gearboxes is that they often get disoriented because there are too many different involved. The problem is most commonly experienced with the clutch and brake systems.

This problem can make your driving experience really disturbing and can even cause the car to have an accident if you are a new driver. A very obvious indication of this issue is unusual shaking as your car shifts gears.

If you have noticed this sign, you should immediately go to a professional because if prolonged, it can lead to many other severe problems, including brake and clutch failure in extreme cases.


4. Haphazard Shifting:

Haphazard shifting is arguably the sole leading cause of most road accidents caused by technical issues of automatic transmission cars. You must have noticed at least once in your life that your automatic car has slipped a gear while changing it.

It is dangerous because the driver is expecting to drive in another gear but the gear slip does not allow the kind of performance he was expecting, resulting in miscalculation and mishandling, leading to a crash.

This problem can be easily noticed in the form of vibrations and mild shocks when you expect your car to shift a gear and as soon as you notice it, be certain that it is time for an immediate repair.


5. Reconditioned Gearbox:

Many drivers notice the above-discussed indications and signs but they are unaware of what they mean and how serious of a threat they pose. Ignoring these signs often leads to losing a gearbox resulting in the breaking down of the car.
Getting a new gearbox can be expensive and not many drivers can afford them right away. They are also not available that easily for those who can afford them, resulting in them being without a car for a long period.

The most affordable and available solution to this problem is to get a reconditioned gearbox that is easily available and if found in good condition, can deliver performance just as good as a new one.

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